sábado, 28 de setembro de 2013

Spinoza em Inglês (2)

   Ainda seguindo o post anterior, vejamos o que Michael Della Rocca escreve no primeiro capítulo do seu Spinoza: "All philosophers seek to make the world and our place in it intelligible. [...] However, almost all philosophers expect explanations to run out at some point, whether because of the limitations of our cognitive faculties or because of the recalcitrance of the world itself which admits of certain brute facts, facts without any explanation. 'My spade is turned', as Wittgenstein famously says when explanations reach a limit. This admission is, of course, nothing more than a sober and, perhaps, healthy acknowledgment of our finitude and of the bruteness of reality. And, as I said, almost all philosophers reach this point. Almost all philosophers. But not Spinoza. His spade is never turned. Spinoza's philosophy is characterized by perhaps the boldest and most thoroughgoing commitment ever to appear in the history of philosophy to the intelligibility of everything. For Spinoza, no why-question is off limits, each why-question - in principle - admits of a satisfactory answer".
    Esse Spinoza não é fácil... um escavador cuja pá nunca para!

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